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The White Race is Being Exterminated Pt. 9

Posted by Halofreak32 - December 26th, 2012

FACT #93: In Black Africa the average ruler lasts 7 months.

FACT #94: By 1995, a third of U.S. students will be non-Whites and Whites will be a minority in the school districts of 5 states.

FACT #95: Dr. William Shockley, Nobel prize winner for his work in the invention of the transistor and renowned geneticist as Stanford University, said, "The major cause for American Negroes' hereditary is origin and thus not remedial to a major degree by improvement in environment."

FACT #96: In 1930, about 33% of the world was White. Today, the U.N. estimates that only about 9.5% of the world's population is Caucasian. This percentage is falling rapidly.

FACT #97: Every race has an equal capacity to learn and contribute to civilization and any differences are caused by prejudice and racism. The fact that white skins are associated with civilization is merely a quirk of fortune and coincidence. Any attempt to distinguish the races is motivated by paranoia and hatred. We must prevent any investigation into the subject and work to melt society together into a raceless, nationless, harmonious utopia.

FACT #98: In 1988 there were 9,406 cases of Black-on-White rape and fewer than 10 cases of White on Black rape in the U.S.

FACT #99: For the book INTELLIGENCE AND NATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT, by Raymond Cattell, three distinguished American scholars compare massive evidence of national I.Q. score averages worldwide and warn against the decline of any nation whose population reflects declining intelligence. Taking into consideration the differential birthrates of American ethnic stocks, they concluded that American ability is declining rapidly.

FACT #100: The American taxpayers have spent over $2.5 TRILLION trying to upgrade Blacks since the 1960's.

FACT #101: QUOTES "The Negroes' rude ignorance has never invented any effectual weapons of defense or destruction: they appear incapable of forming any extensive plans of government or conquest: and the obvious inferiority of their mental faculties has been discovered and abused by the nations of the temperate zone."
--Edward Gibbon, the great historian and author of ?THE DECLINE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE,? (V.III, pg. 277)


Cleverly hidden within these hundred facts, for added incentive to read onward, is one lie. not a lie of statistical or grammatical error, but a ludicrous falsehood at once so absurd as to strike the reader as an insult to human intelligence, and yet so deadly evil that if allowed to go unanswered its final cost would be incalculable. I sincerely pledge that my motivations are not of insult or hatred, but of the deepest love for mankind and the truest concern for its future generations. My purpose is not to deceive but to enlighten, and I hope this work will help you reflect and reexamine your views on race.

There you have it. You can choose to accept this objective information pertaining to races, or you can ignore it and be an anti-intellectual.

Anti-racism = anti-intellectualism

The White Race is Being Exterminated Pt. 9