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The Story of Xmas The Story of Xmas

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Does this have an animation? It needs one.

Tricky's Song Tricky's Song

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The memories...

This was made back when DanP was awesome, back then he would draw dick and make collabs while drunk. Now he's a total sellout and his Behemoth forum is full of kiddies, we miss you DanP ;-;

DanPaladin responds:

that's dumb. you know what a sellout is? when someone does something for the money and the money alone. everything i do is because i want to make something awesome. i don't give a crap about the money. none of us do. that's why we quit our jobs to make cool stuff and didn't get a paycheck for FIVE YEARS.

all while other people out there are just wishing they'd chase their dreams while they make money and money alone. THAT'S what a sellout is. Trading your dream in for a boring-ass job.

Inspired by "Her" Inspired by "Her"

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What the hell are you talking about?

It seems whichever traumatic incident you had to endure did not hinder your ability to make music which is both elegant and beautiful. What was it that you witnessed that has warranted your rehabilitation? Did you witness the sun rising directly with your eyes?

Therapeutic Abortion Therapeutic Abortion

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Succulent Dishwasher

Why is the title for this song two unrelated words? Why are you still making music. I'm pretty sure you make this music thinking it's really good but then you shrink away saying "No no I'm just trolling LOL I TROLLED YOU HAHA"

Epic Arena Battle Epic Arena Battle

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Seriously this song is so awesome omg, how do you make your songs so epic!? You really are very talented!

Colizo responds:

Daxx and this have been my 2 projects for over a year now

Daxx Daxx

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Absolutely Epic

I downloaded this song because I just can't get enough of it, It's brilliant. It goes especially well to my marching excercises and it's great background music when I'm out hunting half-breeds and Jews. Great Job!

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Colizo responds:

Imagine it, you're in Israel, and there's lightning and thunder with dark skies. The Jews race at you, and you stand there in your SS uniform and you have to fight off hordes of well equipped Jews and helicopters.

Running From A Rapist Running From A Rapist

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When will you learn?

Stringing as much random shit together does not make you good, you "music" is terrible and their genre never seems to be linked to the music. Please stop.

A sad jewish song A sad jewish song

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This is Jewish.

dislike the Jews and everything Jewish, good job!

Colizo responds:

fuck me

*Empathy* *Empathy*

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Absolutely beautiful

It's only on a rare occasion that I find a song as good as this, a very wonderful piece, you're very talented.

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Horse Chase Shootout W/Drums Horse Chase Shootout W/Drums

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This is one of my favorite songs, seriously. I listen to it all the time, I like it more especially compared to all that garbage spewed out by pop culture like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber, keep makin' dis' shit Oney.